Little Green House Podcast #12: Yoko Cheval

What do you do when you’re genuinely multicultural, wanting to work with people and help improve their lives? You join an international consulting firm. Or work for the World Cup. Or work as a Freelance Translator. Or, obviously, join Little Green House.

This week, Barbara met up with Yoko, our head schoolteacher, for our school classes in Gland and Morges. Yoko’s background and personal history are so fascinating and international that it would take way too long to mention them all in a podcast summary. Suffice it to say that her (so far) final move to Geneva was motivated by her desire to reduce the language complexity within her immediate environment a little (French, English, Japanese, Swiss German and High German all at the same time at some point in her life).

Yoko joined Little Green House 11 years ago, helping to put the Little Green House philosophy and concept into practice. She loves the way in which she can make the world a better place, one day, one kid, one family at a time at Little Green House. One of her main motivations is making sure the children know that they matter, that they’re loved just the way they are, that they’re always welcome and that mistakes are simply opportunities to learn. As her father told her when she was little: “You’re not half. You’re double!”

Tune in to hear more about Yoko’s inspiring journey and her dedication to creating a nurturing environment for children to thrive.