Dear you. Love from your brain.

What it is about: Our brains are fascinating. And probably the most intriguing are children’s brains, where there’s so much going on in the first few years of their lives. But also later in childhood and during our adult lives, brains remain plastic, and we have the chance to shape them. But how?

This book will help children discover more about the brain – how it works, what it needs, and how to love it big so it can love it back bigger.” (Karen Young, the book’s author). The book explores how big feelings, good habits, and healthy choices form in the brain and empowers children to take an active part in creating healthy habits from the brain down! It also explores how anxiety works in the brain and the body and explores powerful ways to be strong and brave.

Why we love it: Beautifully written by children’s / youth/family psychologist Karen Young and wonderfully illustrated. It’s been written for children. Yet, if you’re new to psychology and brain development, this book is an easy and accessible introduction, also for adults. We also love it because Karen Young has a great way of making psychology accessible to children and families, and we love spending time on her website “Hey, Sigmund”.

Where to buy: This one is really new and hasn’t made it to the European shops yet. My version shipped from Australia, and judging by waiting times, it has not taken the plane. But it’s worth the wait! I’ve also seen it on, but it still seems to start the journey in Australia. So lean back and wait a little.