TED talk: « Good » and « bad » are incomplete stories we tell ourselves

A very inspirational talk! « Good or bad, hard to tell », i.e. questioning established assumptions is something we should probably all do much, much more often. I definitely will.

Heather Lanier’s daughter Fiona has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a genetic condition that results in developmental delays — but that doesn’t make her tragic, angelic or any of the other stereotypes about kids like her. In this talk about the beautiful, complicated, joyful and hard journey of raising a rare girl, Lanier questions our assumptions about what makes a life « good » or « bad, » challenging us to stop fixating on solutions for whatever we deem not normal, and instead to take life as it comes.

Source: This talk was presented at a TED Institute event given in partnership with BCG. TED editors featured it among their selections on the Ted.com home page.