Zack! (graphic novel for first readers)

What it is about:

Bonny moves with her family into a house by the sea. On her first exploratory tour, she discovers a huge sleeping man on the beach who snores like a bear. The poor guy has lost his memory and doesn’t even remember his name. He has an imposing red beard, only one leg and his upper arm is adorned with a skull tattoo … Clearly, he’s a pirate! He must have hit his head on a mast during a gigantic storm – ZACK! – and then fallen unconscious into the sea. Without further ado, Bonny names him Zack! Together, the two go in search of Zack’s troop and experience an unforgettable pirate adventure.

Why we love it:

Front and back make one big picture and the characters are wonderfully captured: the adventurous and lively Bonny and Zack, who has no idea yet what will happen to him. The individual comic panels are of different sizes and so the atmosphere, ranging from adventurous to light-hearted, is perfectly captured on a full page or spread over four or five pictures. We really like Màriam Ben-Arab’s drawing style because she brings the characters to life in a very special way. Emotions big and small are written all over the characters’ faces and the wonderful range of facial expressions always makes big and small pirates laugh. The cute pirate cat (it only has one eye) fits perfectly into the overall picture and the love of detail. Additional special bonus points for the cliché-free and diverse character design.

Where to buy:

Currently, this book is only available in German but hey, we’re multilingual, and moreover, there are lots of pictures. 🙂

Orell Füssli (German version)